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Jumping with GEE was established in 2020. Aside from being unhappy with my weight, I was also struggling mentally. One day I decided to put my excuses aside and make some changes. I had to learn to push through those days I was not motivated and stay disciplined. I picked up a jump rope and it was an instant connection. I finally found a cardio worth doing. It was not just a type of cardio, it was a form of therapy. In the process, I noticed that both my mental and physical became stronger. I can honestly say, jump roping saved me! With mental health and weight loss struggles being so common nowadays, I wanted to share my journey with others in hopes to inspire those battling with the same.


My mission is to introduce jump roping and fitness overall to those struggling with mental health. I am determined to change lives one day at a time and show others the opportunity for a healthy outlet to release.


Fast forward to today, I have positively impacted many people around the world and I became a life coach to many. I didn't only limit myself to physical training, I was there for those who needed help training the mental to become stronger! I really love what I do so I decided to take this to another level. I became certified as a personal trainer and created my own brand to spread mental health awareness. I've successfully helped many people, sold jump ropes and apparel throughout this journey. My goal is to continue to inspire & motivate people to become a better version of themselves. 

what makes JWG different?

JWG deeply cares about their client’s physical and mental health. There's nothing more valuable than the ability to help someone enjoy an experience that makes them happy, confident and strong. We all know the frustrations/insecurities that come with entering a fitness journey and JWG is committed to help you every step of the way! You will learn to discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me through my path of healing. 


Feel free to check out my website and get familiar with the services I provide and merchandise I sell. With every purchase a percentage will be donated to Brain & Behavior research foundation. Thank you for supporting Jumping With Gee and spreading mental health awareness!


Alexandra Hoythink

In the 10 years that I’ve known Carla, the creator and founder of JWG I can honestly say I saw this coming. I saw the resilience and the motivation Carla had to help others and take them under her wing. Carla has picked me up in times when I’ve been down, she’s pushed me to get through all the obstacles that I’ve faced & most of all she’s always been the light that I needed in life to see through all the emotional setbacks that didn’t let me succeed in my fitness journey. I recommend her to anyone who needs a truly dedicated and caring coach/friend/teacher/mentor. I wear her gear proud as hell knowing that the one thing that I’ve struggled with which is my mental health is being brought awareness around everyone who learns about JWG and the story behind it. The most important part is that Carla has had her own history and her own experience with struggles that she’s fought through that have built her up to be the person she is today and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, if that’s not what you call a superwoman, I don’t know what is.

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