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8 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Fitness Journey

Updated: Jan 2

1. Baby Steps

Don’t over train yourself and think you must work out every single day to see results. Keep in mind as a starting point you can start 3x a week and still see amazing results.

  • Jump rope – Monday,

  • Full body – Tuesday;

  • HIIT – Wednesday

& so on (depending your workout structure)

2. Change Your Mindset

Don’t drive your mental into insanity because your goal seems out of reach. Once you accept that good things take time everything else will fall in place. The outcome will be worth it. Patience is KEY.

3. Keep In Mind You Are Doing It To Be Fit

This is NOT a competition. They are NOT better than you. When exercising, keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself only. To look good, to feel good and overall learn to love yourself in the process. Think of all the health benefits it could bring you!

4. Schedule A Workout Routine Time

Make sure you pick a time you feel most energy. For me, I get the most energy working out in the afternoon but due to my schedule I work out after 7PM. If for some reason your schedule doesn’t allow you to pick a time slot you’d feel best in just commit to a reasonable time. At this point it’s all about the discipline to get it done no matter what. Test out which times seems to keep you going.

5. Making Out Time Even When There’s No Time

If you need to , break down your workout time throughout the day. Goal is 30 minutes a day do 10 minutes morning 10 minutes afternoon 10 minutes night.

6. Sleep In Your Workout Clothes

This is what I do when I have an early workout. I either put it on or leave it out. Believe it or not, it works! I noticed the nights where I don't leave my clothes ready for the next morning I'd fail to get up. However, when my clothes are easily accessible I get up with no issue. If you're not a morning person like me, any step in the morning seems a lot to do lol

7. Make It A Habit

See your workout sessions as something you must do to keep you fit and in shape. Just like styling your hair before you leave the house or washing your car, make exercise a part of your life.

8. Keep A Journal

This is very important! When we write things down we tend to look back to it and follow and reflect. You may include detailing the number of reps or sets you did, but also describing the way you felt before, during, and after the workout. Note the foods you ate, how you feel after you ate those foods. Write down your feelings overall. Mental health check> Were you depressed before exercising? How did you pull through during the exercise, and did you feel better after it? Every improvement you add to your fitness schedule can have a huge impact on your goals.

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