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Equipment that will enhance your results: Dumbbells, Booty bands, Resistance bands and or gym equipment.


If you're looking for a challenge and fun workout you are in the right place!


This is 8 week strength training program will target all body parts but with main focus on growing your glutes.


This is a progressive overload style training program, which means the workouts will progressively get harder as you continue program.


If you’re a beginner, reduce your sets / reps to accommodate your current fitness level. As long as you’re pushing your body beyond its normal limits, you will see results.


All workouts are highly effective and have been tested by clients/myself. All workouts are proven to improve your physique and confidence!


Example of Week 1 workout split:

Monday- Glutes & Hamstrings

Tuesday- Back & Biceps

Wednesday- Glutes & Quads

Thursday- Chest, Tricep & Shoulders

Friday- Lower body

Full Body 8-week Program

Excluding VAT
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